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Roof cleaning and coating is a recent introduction to the “Home Improvement” market. It involves the cleaning of the tiles and application of a coloured waterproof sealing coating. The system is ripe for the home improvement industry and in many cases starts with a visit from a hard sell salesman before a team of chaps stand all over the roof tiles often without appropriate health and safety / access equipment. A seasoned hard sell salesman can sell a roof coating system for far more than we would charge to completely renovate the roof and install smart new tiles (bear in mind that many old tiles have salvage value which can offset the cost of new tiles).

Years ago, as this market was starting to thrive, we invested in appropriate equipment and training to carry out the work. We installed the system on a few houses and despite huge expense on specialist coatings did not feel confident that the finished roof would stand the test of time. We calculated that compared to the cost of the expensive chemicals and coatings, for not much more, we could have installed a whole new roof with shiny new tiles.

There are a number of properties in Thorpe St Andrew and Brundall which have had the roof cleaning and coating system installed by a mix of the larger independent local roof coating specialists and one of the well known major named UK home improvement companies. All are showing signs of deterioration. The coating is flaking, cracking or thinning and mosses and lichens are returning to the tile surfaces. None of theses properties were coated more than five years ago and some less than two years. Most are looking pretty sad now.

Things to consider:

  • If the roof tiles are old enough to be so covered in mosses and lichens that they need cleaning, then it is likely that the roof felt underneath is in a bad way too. A roof is constructed of two layers and the underlying felt layer is as important as the upper tile layer for keeping the roof watertight.
  • The roof coating companies usually offer a ten year guarantee of the new coating – do they have any clients that can confirm they are still happy with their roof coating at the end of the ten years?
  • We are not saying that all roof coatings will fail, but aim to encourage homeowners to consider the alternatives. We would be pleased to survey your roof and offer a fixed price quotation for renovation, aiming to provide better value for money than the roof coating systems available.





roof beforeroof after


(I will add some five year later pictures soon)

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